28 October 2015

Tricks AND Treats for Toddlers

Happy Halloween week! We are having fun this year getting into this spooctacular holiday.  Since Marin is a little older and understanding more, we are taking a fun and light-hearted approach to Halloween, avoiding the scary side of things because, well, she is a kid AND you know, we want to help direct her mind to "things above." My mom used to make holidays so much fun for us, and I'm hoping we can do the same for our family.  So, here are a few fun and kooky, not-so-spooky, tricks-and-treats that we've been enjoying this Halloween.

- Oreo bats and ghoulish grin apple slices were super easy to make and Marin thought they were just the cutest.  I also think these "boo" nanas and these hot dog mummies looked yummy.

-At our last trip to Target and the library, we picked up this book, this book, and this book.  All keeping the light-hearted approach to Halloween.  I also thought this book looked cute.

-And as for Halloween crafts and activities, we had tons of fun bedazzling baby pumpkins. Marin has also LOVED these window gel clings.  We are talking tons of quiet and peaceful entertainment! I think they would be a fun activity for long car rides too.  We might do this activity with all our extra eye ball stickers from pumpkin decorating.  Ooh, and I also have a small bag of fake spiders that I picked up at Target, and I'm SURE there is an activity (or prank) somewhere in our future that will include those little critters.

Okay, I hear a little ghoul girl waking, so I am off!  Happy Halloween week, everyone!

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