21 April 2017

Brite. Two.

Happy Birthday, our precious Britey girl! How are you two already?! It feels like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. 

And now here you are, constantly flitting about with a song on your lips and Lovey (or trolls or barbies) in your hand. What a precious soul your are. You are such a cheerful girl and it is rare to find you in a bad mood. You are satisfied to play with others or by yourself. Sometimes I'll search the house to find you browsing through books are making barbies talk jibber jabber, perfectly content. 

You LOVE music and try your best to sing along to whatever song we are playing. You know all the words to "happy birthday," and I catch you singing it to the barbies about once a day. You can also sing the ABC song if big sissy is leading the way. You are living up to your middle name, little songbird. 

Your big sister is your best friend and your bond is truly beautiful. Some mornings you call her name to come get you from your crib. You excitedly yell, "Hi Mamin!" when she gets in the car after school and I often find the two of you giggling, cuddling, playing or getting into mischief in the pantry. I pretend to rebuke you both for sneaking in there yet again, but I secretly giggle at the sight. 

You show your love for others freely and bountifully. When daddy got home from work the other day, you ran over to him, hugged his legs and yelled, "wecum home, Daddy!"  When swinging, you tell your lovey, "Hang on wuvey!" You are exceedingly polite, always saying "pwease" and "dank do." Even when you get time out, you try to refuse by saying, "no dank do." 

You have a feisty side too. Honestly, i have to try to keep a straight face when this part of you comes out because it only lasts for a second and then you are back to playing and laughing. 

You are a true girly girl and ask for a dress every morning. When I slide it over your tummy you look down shyly as your daddy and I praise your beauty.  You usually acknowledge our praises with a proud twirl. You LOVE shoes and want to wear them around the house every chance you get. 

Brite Wren, you are a gift to all who know you. Your silly, smiley, joyful presence brings so many smiles and laughter to our home. Keep shining the way you do! We love you so much, precious one!

17 April 2017

Marin. Four.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl! 

It was four years ago at this very moment when your daddy and I met you for the first time and our hearts felt more love than we knew possible. We think about that very special day all the time and merrily oblige your constant requests to "hear about the day I was born." We gladly tell you for the thousandth time about how LOUD and strong you were and how the nurse told us you were the "loudest one in the nursery" and also how the Pediatrician boasted in her Russian accent that you were "strong like monkey." It makes me giggle that God gave these two new, naive parents such a warrior for a first born. In every way you have grown us as we have helped you grow. 

This past year was a big one for you. You became a big sister for a second time and once again made our hearts burst with pride at your genuine joy about it all. You also started school this year, walking in bravely even though Daddy and I knew you felt shy and nervous. We are so proud of this BIG brave accomplishment of yours! You learned to ride your bike with training wheels, tried ice skating AND rollerskating for the first time. You took four trips to the beach (not wanting to return home after any of them). You have learned all your letters and the sounds they make. You can spell your name and seem eager to learn to read. I even heard you saying the entire pledge of allegiance while listening to your shower jibber jabber. You are fascinated by the human body and tell us you want to be a surgeon when you grow up. You also tell us you want to be a bug catcher. Haha Such a brilliant girl you are!

You have such a fun zest for adventure and imagination. At least ten times a day we hear "Mommy, you be-------, and I'll be -------." We go along with the request most times, playing like we are elephants or barbies, or Trolls. If you aren't asking to play pretend, we can find you packing a backpack with all sorts of treasures because you are "going to the beach today!" You love to do crafts and it excites you to make little creations/inventions; although, sometimes you find yourself frustrated when you feel like the thing you made isn't exactly what you wanted it to be, a bit of a perfectionist. 

You are curious and interested in concepts far beyond your years. You ask "how big is God?" almost every day. You request worship music in the car and want to know about heaven. While watching a Disney movie this year, you made the connection that grandparents don't live forever and I was crushed when you began to cry over the thought that the ones you love won't always be here. You were then comforted by the hope of Jesus and heaven. Your childlike faith is beautiful. And you tell us all the time "I asked God to ------ and he did it!" You house so many BIG truths and emotions in such a tiny body. It amazes us, sweet sweet Marin!

Your baby sister, Brite is your best friend. The two of you play more and more these days and it is truly the sweetest sight. You came home the other day from school and you hugged her tight, yelling "Oh Brite, I missed you, you mushy little girl!" Haha! You love her so much and are supremely good at being the oldest, patiently (most days;) teaching her to share and listen to Mommy and Daddy. There is never a time when you go to grab a snack or toy when you don't grab "one for Britey too!"

You are perhaps the most resolute person your dad and I have ever met. And your insatiable desire to do the thing you have set your mind to truly amazes us, little girl. Of course, with that quality, has also come many lessons on being "a good listener" and "making the right decision." Oh God has BIG plans for this grand gift of yours!

Our sweet Marin, we can't thank God enough for letting us be your mommy and daddy! All these days (and long nights;) with you are a gift! I wish I could bottle up those big golden three-year-old eyes and that fine blonde three-year-old hair and the way you still say "finda" for finger, ALL of it! You are growing up so fast and it is Mommy and Daddy's great and joy and privilege to call you ours. Happy Birthday, Moo! Oh we love you so!          

06 February 2017

Hello, Elin Ross

One week ago today, at 6:41am on a warm second day of February, we got to meet our Elin Ross.  Her little face resembled both her sisters, but was also uniquely different.  Beautiful in every way.  She weighed in as our biggest bundle, 8lbs 9oz, with jet black hair, dark eyes, a little bit of red in her skin.  Our hearts have melted for a third time.  We love you, Elin Ross Wallach.