Hi. I'm Megan.
Andy is my husband...and my best friend...and my boyfriend.
We met when we were in our mid twenties, both out of college and working. A mutual friend introduced us. Andy sent me flowers at work that same week. After getting the flower delivery, I called him with some prepared speech about just wanting to be friends which of course led to us being together ever since. What can I say...he was persistent and wonderful and ca-yute. I hope our daughters are pursued someday by the right guy in the same way I was.
Our girls are Marin Elizabeth, Brite Wren, and Elin Ross.
Marin is our oldest. Her name means lady of the sea because that's where her dad and I first fell in love.  And well, miss Brite shall ever live with people hearing her name and thinking she was named after an adjective. To the contrary, her name is Celtic and it means strong which she is indeed. Elin is our third little joy and her name means Light because she is one and will be one in this world; her mama knows it.
They are the most beautiful people I've ever met.
Hmmm...what else might you need to know before we start this whole blog thing.
I am a night owl turned morning person. Because kids, that's why.
I write in perfectly complete sentences. Except when I don't.
I'm an outgoing introvert.
I believe there should never be a shortage of good puns.
I am sentimental and emotional, especially when it comes to my children.
I taught eighth grade for six years.
I perpetually think about if I'm giving enough to everyone I love.
I cook my family spaghetti once a week, not my proudest characteristic. 
I am a photographer and a lover of documenting memories. 
Oh and last but not least, sometimes I blog. 
I blog about us, our adventures, our faith and how we may never sleep again, but for three very cute reasons.
I also blog about spaces I make in our home, fashion, planning parties, and photography. You know, things that don't necessarily matter but do matter.

Thanks for stopping by.