15 August 2014


Well, hello there m for love(r). Double wink. Big squeeze.  Feeling the love on this Friday? Hope so because I sure am, and I appreciate you stopping by and sharing this life with me via this tiny blog when there is a big old internet available to ya.

Okay, so what have I been up to this week? Oh nothing, just diving into some decorating ideas I have for this home of ours.  Marin's room is the current project which I am pumped to show you someday soon.  But until then, I thought I'd share what I've been day dreaming of doing with the master. This week I did a guest post over at Notes from the Nelsens where I chatted about plans for making a house a home while TRYING to stay within a budget and within reason.  You know the happy place where MORE meets LESS?  Tough tension there, but we continue to remember what all those lessons on simplicity brought to our hearts.  Sigh.

With that being said, I'm thinking about WHITE. Simple and beautiful, white on cream on white.  Is there anything that a big, white fluffy comforter can't heal after all? Is there a greater color to symbolize there is a dreamer on board here, someone who is in denial about goldfish fingers and wine spills? Is there any better choice for a light lover and romantic? I think not. So, white it shall be.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Smooches, m

04 August 2014


My glorious weekend is threatening to ruin a perfectly good Monday I tell you. So let's reminisce about it because that kind of laughter only comes around once a year. 

It wasn't even in the books. It was more of a game time decision between the Erins and me to drop by Tallahassee to give Lindsey a day-long hug. We missed that girl at the last reunion, and the hopes of all six of the original crew getting together this year just wasn't looking possible. So, sometime on Thursday, we made the final call to go.  Erin Hutch picked up Erin Huff in Chattanooga around 1 o'clock on Friday. Then they were on their way to Atlanta with a mojo burrito in tow for me.

Oh, and can I just pause to give a shout out to a girls' weekend away? Saying goodbye to Marin got me a little weepy, but next thing I knew I was greeting my old friend, the open road. Delicious, glorious FREEDOM with a capital F tastes gooood my friends (but only with a couple FaceTime sessions sprinkled on top of course).

Now, did I already tell you this trip was a SURPRISE for Lindsey? And since all surprises must be handled delicately, we came up with a plan. Once we got to Tallahassee we started taking pics of places Linds would recognize. We sent the pictures to her phone just before we knocked on her front door. From her porch we actually heard, "What is this? Wait, are they coming here?!" We stayed up late, laughing and catching up.

We spent Saturday on their family boat. The wind, the water, the friendships...my heart just about exploded. Saturday night we celebrated an early birthday for Linds with her husband Ben's family. THE nicest people, conversation, and meal. It was a complete pleasure to spend time with everyone. Oh and did I mention the meal?? We topped off the night at a bar because that's just what you do when freedom comes calling... or when Carlos the bartender starts muddling limes, dried apricots, and magic.
We stayed up chatting on the back deck until two in the morning like the good old days. On Sunday we packed up and said our goodbyes.
 I just love these girls and am beyond grateful for their friendship.
By 4:00pm on Sunday I was smooching my baby and my hubby. Helloooo, full heart.

(Oh and hats off to our boat driver this weekend;) You made it all happen, 007.)