30 November 2015

Cyber Monday Deals!

Brite woke up at 4am this morning, so HERE WE ARE. But, it's Cyber Monday and there's plenty of coffee for days like this, so I think we're going to be more than fine, wink. I'm hoping that by the end of today, most of our Christmas shopping will be finished, all from the comfort of this cozy desk and my yoga pants. Hip hip hurray for Cyber Monday! On that note, here is a list I've gathered of some my favorite stores and their cyber Monday deals.  

Anthropologie Free Shipping + 25% off Sale Items with code XTRAGOOD
ASOS 30% off everything with code BLESSED
Francesca's 30% off EVERYTHING and 50% off all clearance items
The Loft Free Shipping + 50% off EVERYTHING with code CYBER50 
The Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy 40% off EVERYTHING with code BESTCYBER
J Crew Free Shipping + 40% off 507 styles, 30% off everything else
Land of Nod 20% off + Free Shipping
Madewell Free Shipping + 25% off entire purchase with code SHOPATWORK
Minted 25% off
Target Free Shipping + 15% off all purchases with code CYBER15 Plus some really great door busters like this gift idea I'm looking at for Marin.
World Market 20% off + Free Shipping on orders over $100.00 with code INTERWEBZ
Pier 1 Free Shipping with code FREESHIP + up to 30% off

What did our moms do with out online shopping?!
Happy Monday and happy shopping!

27 November 2015

Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa's (AKA Merry Almost-Christmas)

I always love Thanksgiving at my parents' house. When you walk through the front door, the house looks like a Christmas wonderland right in the heart of Thanksgiving, pure holiday bliss.  And each year just gets a bit more magical as our family grows. There were sweet memories made and more rolls than a Thanksgiving knew what to do with.   So very grateful for this family and holidays that give us all a reason to get together (and coordinate our outfits). ;)

26 November 2015


If you've been following along then you know that each year, on the day before Thanksgiving, we join Andy's family at the campsite where they spend the holiday.  Camping for Thanksgiving was a tradition born during a season of grief for his family, but has become one that brings so much joy and togetherness.  As I looked through the photos from yesterday, I couldn't help but smile at the new little faces that joined us this year, a true reminder that God makes all things new. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

25 November 2015

Our Christmas Card Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving week! Tis the season for trying to get one picture where everyone's eyes are open!  Through plenty of nose picking and trying to say toddler jokes through gritted teeth, we managed to get some sweet pictures of our little family that I will always cherish.  A big thank you to my good friend and neighbor Whitney for capturing these for us!  

23 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I didn't think Christmastime could get MORE magical, but each year with Marin, and now Brite too, the wonderment just grows! My mom put her tree up last week and turns out Marin has a LOVE for unwrapping ornaments and hanging them oh. so. carefully. YouTube surprise eggs has nothing on her happy ornament unveiling! She worked merrily and busily for almost three hours one day, a true Christmas miracle. This past weekend, Christmas made its debut at our house too, with lights being hung on the house (thank you sweet, frostbit husband!) and the purchasing of the Christmas tree! We are pretty quick Christmas tree finders, perfection isn't really on the radar for us with this one. And imperfections give character, right? We always end up with some sort of funny quirk to our trees that makes itself known after it is settled in our living room. There was the one year we discovered the trunk of the tree was super curvy which resulted in the entire tree falling on me at least three times. Then there was the tree that we could swear looked so perfectly pear-shaped at the store then ended up settling into a strange sort of rectangle. Anyway, the point is, we are quick to pick, so we were in and out of Pikes within thirty minutes. BUT it is amazing to me that such small moments and traditions can fill an entire heart right up to the very top. I can't wait for more of these fun festivities. Cheers, friends!

10 November 2015

My greatest strength according to Marin

When I tucked Marin in last night I told her I was going to play The things I love about Marin Game. I started orating the always-growing list I have of things she is and does..."I love that you like to give squeezes, I love how funny you are, I love the way you know what you like and don't like...." Then she jumped in, with her eyebrows raised and smiling. "Mommy, I love that you Daddy's wife." I belly laughed for a good minute because, hey, at least I have THAT going for me. We finished tucking in and giving kisses and telling the millionth rendition of On the day that you were born.
I came out to the living room to tag Andy because Marin was asking for Daddy to come back in her room to tell about the day HE was born. I never said we were good with delay tactics, but that's okay because I have other strengths, like being Daddy's wife.
But seriously, I got to thinking about that sweet, proud response of hers. If anyone else had complimented me this way, I would have assumed sarcasm. But, no, she actually does love me for who I am to him. And isn't that more than I could hope for. It was nothing I do or say. My glowing strength is a relationship I have.
And maybe, in some weird twist of maturity and growing up alongside her, I am finding that I am me because I'm theirs and they are mine. It's not really about being a wife or mom, although I feel lucky that those are my titles. It's more that I am seeing my accomplishments by the world's standards are super small and that the greatest thing my life produces just might be the connected-ness I keep... to her, to him, to them, to Christ.  

06 November 2015

Into the Woodlands Friday Favorites


How was this week 15 days long? Both girls have been sick with colds and now ear infections, so it has made for a bit of a bruiser, BUT it is officially the weekend and the girls are slowly starting to feel better, so lots of reasons to celebrate.  Unlike the last few weekends, this one should be pretty low key which sounds marvelous from this snot-covered vantage point. In other good news, I was up super early this morning, so here we have a few Friday favorites.  I've really been loving the creature themed clothing that's everywhere right now, and these are a few of the pieces I especially like.  Enjoy! Hope you and yours have a great weekend!