10 November 2015

My greatest strength according to Marin

When I tucked Marin in last night I told her I was going to play The things I love about Marin Game. I started orating the always-growing list I have of things she is and does..."I love that you like to give squeezes, I love how funny you are, I love the way you know what you like and don't like...." Then she jumped in, with her eyebrows raised and smiling. "Mommy, I love that you Daddy's wife." I belly laughed for a good minute because, hey, at least I have THAT going for me. We finished tucking in and giving kisses and telling the millionth rendition of On the day that you were born.
I came out to the living room to tag Andy because Marin was asking for Daddy to come back in her room to tell about the day HE was born. I never said we were good with delay tactics, but that's okay because I have other strengths, like being Daddy's wife.
But seriously, I got to thinking about that sweet, proud response of hers. If anyone else had complimented me this way, I would have assumed sarcasm. But, no, she actually does love me for who I am to him. And isn't that more than I could hope for. It was nothing I do or say. My glowing strength is a relationship I have.
And maybe, in some weird twist of maturity and growing up alongside her, I am finding that I am me because I'm theirs and they are mine. It's not really about being a wife or mom, although I feel lucky that those are my titles. It's more that I am seeing my accomplishments by the world's standards are super small and that the greatest thing my life produces just might be the connected-ness I keep... to her, to him, to them, to Christ.  

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