23 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I didn't think Christmastime could get MORE magical, but each year with Marin, and now Brite too, the wonderment just grows! My mom put her tree up last week and turns out Marin has a LOVE for unwrapping ornaments and hanging them oh. so. carefully. YouTube surprise eggs has nothing on her happy ornament unveiling! She worked merrily and busily for almost three hours one day, a true Christmas miracle. This past weekend, Christmas made its debut at our house too, with lights being hung on the house (thank you sweet, frostbit husband!) and the purchasing of the Christmas tree! We are pretty quick Christmas tree finders, perfection isn't really on the radar for us with this one. And imperfections give character, right? We always end up with some sort of funny quirk to our trees that makes itself known after it is settled in our living room. There was the one year we discovered the trunk of the tree was super curvy which resulted in the entire tree falling on me at least three times. Then there was the tree that we could swear looked so perfectly pear-shaped at the store then ended up settling into a strange sort of rectangle. Anyway, the point is, we are quick to pick, so we were in and out of Pikes within thirty minutes. BUT it is amazing to me that such small moments and traditions can fill an entire heart right up to the very top. I can't wait for more of these fun festivities. Cheers, friends!

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