27 February 2014

Having a tough day?

Then do as Marin does. 
Look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a big smooch.  
Share with yourself a little game of thumb war.  
Give yourself the old fist pump.  
Smooch yourself again. 
Then round this pep talk up with a big high five and "I'm glad we had this little chat".  
You'll be feeling goooood about yourself in no time.
Until our next reflections, happy Thursday, you. 

25 February 2014

THREADS: Turqouise


I’m feeling inspired by turquoise right now, the big chunky kind that girls wear in pictures taken in obscure deserts and far off places.  I’m going to get me some of this turquoise; then I’m going to go find me a far off place to wear it. Here's a few of the baubles I'm stewing on. Happy Tuesday, friends. 

24 February 2014

Date night

Okay, so Friday we had a date night. And about 3 minutes into it, we looked at each other like “Well, helloooo there.” Because that’s what you think when you aren’t watching over a baby with your left eye and looking at your hubby with the leftover eye. Undivided attention, we meet again.
It was nice.
We decided to walk to dinner because the weather was smiling down on us, like it thought it was Spring or something. Plus, I'm getting oddly nostalgic and sentimental about this city since we’ve had so much talk about packing up our three boxes and moving to the burbs.  We roamed between the buildings and talked. Then we sat down with our organic beef and deep fried onion rings and talked about the ironies in life…like how much work, blood, sweat and tears go into having a little baby, but how our hearts are aching for a second.  (Just chatter for now, friends)  And I just want to remember the BIG goofy grin Andy got on his face when we talked about growing our family.  So we’ll see…but for now we have burgers and fries and talk about really amazing possibilities.  And sometimes those things quench your hunger until the time is right. 
Feeling pretty sappy, so let’s all just come in for a big group hug on this one.

20 February 2014

Oh Just a Conversation we had Last Night about Pushing Mini Humans Around

Andy and I layed in bed last night talking about our day in what feels lately like an eternal state of whispering (because we live here).  I told him that since it’s been so warm outside, I decided to try out the jogging stroller and actually jog this time.  He asked me how it went. I filled him in on all the preliminary girl-story details like “Well, I put on shorts.  I know, can you believe it?  Shorts. Just last week, we had on our snow gear. Anyway, then I decided we would run in the neighborhood across the street because you know it’s so gorgeous.…so on and so forth. “
 He listened quietly then asked me how the jog was, how far I made it. 
Then I broke it to him.
“I jogged for like five minutes.”
“Huh, stroller too heavy?”
“Too windy? Too many hills? Too tired?”
“Nope, nope, nope.”
“Well, what was it?”

Then I reminded him, “You know how I get irked and give you “the look” when you try to talk to me during runs and you don’t seem winded or tired?”

(Pause for interlude:  There is just something about it. Eeek.  Is there anything more torturous than feeling like you need an oxygen mask while you are working out with someone who I could swear is over there skipping in breath-filled delight? I mean, no.
Anyway, I went on to explain that there is actually something more difficult.  And that I won’t ever complain again when he isn’t winded during our runs.) 

"Try pushing a mini human who is SITTING down the entire workout.  Plays tricks on the mind, sweetie pie."
Then he laughed so hard we almost exited whisperdom. 
"Um, she is a baby."
"Yeah, and a really cute one.  But it doesn't matter.  She is sitting and I am jogging." 

I'm not sure where the conversation went from there.  I think it somehow ended up on the dare for him push me in a stroller next time he goes for a jog. Then we talked about Tolstoy. Or not.

Moral of the story...
I will never look at jogging strollers the same.  When I see super mom running down the road with heaven forbid two little bitties in there, I will see one person pushing two little people on a glorified couch.  So, there you go.

As for me and my girl, we might just stick to  w a l k s.

17 February 2014

THREADS: Zara (mini)

(click on pic for link)

I went and found something better than mini m&ms and mini golf.  Mini Zara outfits.  We're going to need to get on this, friends.  :)
Happy Monday. (Coming at you from a 60 degree Atlanta. What the…) 

12 February 2014

Snow + Survival

Today we spent a short, ten, beautiful minutes attempting a walk through Atlantartica. Oh my, it was a big ice rink. We didn't last long out there.
BUT, I will tell you what crazy snow behavior we took part in for hours...television watching. We cut cable a few months ago, so I've been exploring our Amazon account to see what on earth there is to watch during a snowstorm. Well, I already watched the entire documentary on Everest (ask me anything), so I opted for no less than ten episodes of Dual Survival, a show that follows a navy seal and survival expert through dangerous scenarios. So there you have it; I am now skilled in many survival situations. What more could one ask from being snowed in but to learn some pretty crucial survival techniques? Today I learned the following:
A.) White sap is usually a sign that a plant is poisonous
B.) Hippos can have a mouth span of 4 feet!! Also, they are extremely territorial and act craaaaazy when mad. Just don't cross one.
C.) Elephants only digest 50% of all their food which leaves the other 50% to a lucky survivor
D.) Sage is a natural insect repellant.
E.) When building a fire, you're going to need to find a little magical pile of highly flammable materials called tinder.

Welp, if that isn't useful knowledge, I don't know what is. And let me just say there's much more where that came from, friends.

 Hope you are enjoying this big, white beautiful blanket and all the ways it shakes things up a bit.

Oh, and don't forget that the V-day giveaway ends tomorrow!

10 February 2014


So here's how it went down elementary school style. Just the other night I was bragging to Andy about what an amazing tetherBaller (with a capital B) I was back in the day. I even told him to watch his back if we ever happened upon a tetherball court. I mean, these things aren't likely. But, the clouds opened up in Atlanta yesterday literally and figuratively because, while hanging outside, there it was, a tetherball court. Shorter than I remember those things being. Andy spotted it then looked at me with a glimmer in his eye. "Ready to lose, tetherball queen?" My moves were a little rusty, and by that I mean, I think I kicked the ball once or twice. And I laughed the entire time because that's what I do when I'm completely lost or at least when my coordination is completely lost. Try playing tetherball when you are about to pee yourself from laughter. Trust me, it takes a real wiz.

The first game was ugly. I fumbled around a lot. In the last minutes of the
game, Andy did the old "take it up the tail pipe" move and the ball twirled around for victory number one. I was still laughing so hard. I pulled the whole "that was just a warm up" and he agreed to a second and final round. It was my turn to serve ,so I wound up with flare and dramatics and yelled, "Try this one on for size, Wallabe!" (An apparent jab at his last name, uh, and mine. Not sure where I get this stuff.) Then I did it. He didn't see it coming. I slammed the ball so hard it made my hand stiiiiing. That's when I watched it all go down, or at least watched my husband go down, straight to the ground after getting nailed in the face. We both ended up on the ground, laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.

Next time, don't mess with the tetherball champ, Wallabe.
(Psst, and thanks for this memory yesterday. There's been lots of grown up talk around here because we have all these new responsibilities as of late, so these moments are the sweetest to me.)

01 February 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway (worth 245 smackaroos!)

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching and this crazy HUGE giveaway, I'm really feeling the love in this room. Trust me, you'll be feeling it too when you see what you can win! A few of my blogging friends and I each picked out a product we love and added it to this amazing buffet of Valentine's goodies. And here comes the good part: it could ALL be yours. Boom.

Yep, we went and did it. We've put together a Products We Love to Love giveaway for ONE lucky winner! The entire giveaway is valued at $245!

Bet you can't guess which product is mine. (Andy hates it when I play this game) Good Luck, friend! Ooh, I hope you win.

 Check out what you can win:

Rodan and Fields Foaming Sunless Tan
"I'm So Tired" t-shirt from Hello Apparel 
Sterling Silver Bow Bracelet from Monica at Vintage Stamp Jewels
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Meet Your Hostesses:

I'm an Atlanta native who married my high school sweetheart six years after we started dating and six months after we graduated from Furman and Clemson (GO TIGERS!). We bought our first home back in 2010 and renovated the entire house before moving in. We have a golden retriever puppy named Tally and look forward to adding "real" kids to our family in the future. :)
Heather is giving away the Bath and Body Works 3-wick Stress Relief Candle.

I'm a California girl, born & raised! I love Jesus, wine, coffee, photography & throwing parties. Target is my Happy Place. I am a part time 7th grade math teacher and have been teaching for 10 years. I just recently became an Independant Consultant for Rodan + Fields. I have been married to Kevin for 11 years and we have 3 sweet kids. Kate is 7, Claire is 5 and our baby boy Luke is 17 months old.
Mel is giving away the Rodan and Fields Foaming Sunless Tan.

3. Elizabeth @ E, Myself, and I
I am a wife to my high school sweetheart Jeff, momma to two-year-old Sam, and English teacher to 75 ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders.  In my "free time" I moonlights as a blogger at E, Myself, and I where I chronicles my journey into adulthood and my attempts at salvaging a tiny bit of my former “Type A” self. I write about being a working mom, teaching, organizing, decorating, party planning, and The Bachelor, and I'm not afraid to laugh at myself when necessary. I am passionate about connecting women and helping them find freedom in living their real lives with grace, humor, and a strong cup of coffee.
Elizabeth is giving away "I'm So Tired" t-shirt from Hello Apparel.

4. Megan @ m for love
I'm the mama, wife and writer behind the lifestyle blog m for love. When you visit, you can expect to find pieces of our life, laughter, love, and faith (Oh, and a bit of fashion for good measure.)
Megan is giving away the Smashbox Wonder Vision Eye Set in Flash.

5. Tiffany @ The Dwelling Tree
I am a coffee-addict, runner during free time, and follower of Jesus. I am married to a super outdoorsy man who keeps me on my toes and has a cute toddler named Lillian who likes to make dinosaur noises. Follow my many adventures at The Dwelling Tree! 
Tiffany is giving away the Sterling Silver Bow Bracelet.

I'm a smitten wife, animal lover, Jesus follower, TV enthusiast, and home decor fanatic.  After living in Atlanta all of my life, my husband and I moved to Orange County, California where we are adjusting easily to the constant sunshine, lack of humidity (Praise the Lord!), and abundance of gourmet cupcakes. I recently started my own organizing company and love to make people's lives a little easier. I'm also slightly obsessed with our three fur babies, Maisy, Mr. Pepper, and Diego, so you'll be seeing a lot of them on my blog!
Julie is giving away a Target Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, and Valentine's Day DVD.

I am a military wife and Mom of two amazing and rambunctious boys.  I spend my time divided between my job as a 2 and 3 year old preschool teacher, a Tiger Cub Scout Leader, the Second Counselor in my church women's group, and chauffeuring my boys to their school, sport, and scouting activities.  I love to make things with my own hands.  I love a good story! Movies, books, art, and music all hold a special place in my heart. The most important thing I can do in life is to spend time with my family. I believe in a lifetime of learning and that life is too short for bad food! 
Krista is giving away the Pampered Chef Ice-Cream Scoop and Chocolate Caramel Sauce.

8. Samantha @ Samantha Elizabeth
My blog is about all things I hold dear to my heart... my faith, family, cooking, photography, and travel.  My hope is that my blog will bring inspiration, positive encouragement and perhaps a laugh or two to its readers.  I am a wife to a wonderful guy named Dusty and mother to an adorable fur-baby named Gus. 
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9. Bekah @ re•solve
re•solve is a personal self improvement blog focusing primarily on my green, vegetarian lifestyle with elements of faith and marriage thrown in!
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10. Heather Lynne @ Raising Memories
I'm Heather Lynne.  I'm a Canadian wife and mom to 2 daughters. I blog about fun things parents can do with & for their kids.  These ideas and tutorials are mixed in with my photography,
photography tips and any other crafty attempts I make! You can also find a
Linky on my blog each weekend- I'd love to see you there! :)
Heather Lynne is giving away the Mabel's Labels Basic Kit.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!