24 February 2014

Date night

Okay, so Friday we had a date night. And about 3 minutes into it, we looked at each other like “Well, helloooo there.” Because that’s what you think when you aren’t watching over a baby with your left eye and looking at your hubby with the leftover eye. Undivided attention, we meet again.
It was nice.
We decided to walk to dinner because the weather was smiling down on us, like it thought it was Spring or something. Plus, I'm getting oddly nostalgic and sentimental about this city since we’ve had so much talk about packing up our three boxes and moving to the burbs.  We roamed between the buildings and talked. Then we sat down with our organic beef and deep fried onion rings and talked about the ironies in life…like how much work, blood, sweat and tears go into having a little baby, but how our hearts are aching for a second.  (Just chatter for now, friends)  And I just want to remember the BIG goofy grin Andy got on his face when we talked about growing our family.  So we’ll see…but for now we have burgers and fries and talk about really amazing possibilities.  And sometimes those things quench your hunger until the time is right. 
Feeling pretty sappy, so let’s all just come in for a big group hug on this one.


  1. So sweet! Glad y'all had a night together :) Xx.

  2. Thanks, Hope! It was really nice. Xx :)