10 February 2014


So here's how it went down elementary school style. Just the other night I was bragging to Andy about what an amazing tetherBaller (with a capital B) I was back in the day. I even told him to watch his back if we ever happened upon a tetherball court. I mean, these things aren't likely. But, the clouds opened up in Atlanta yesterday literally and figuratively because, while hanging outside, there it was, a tetherball court. Shorter than I remember those things being. Andy spotted it then looked at me with a glimmer in his eye. "Ready to lose, tetherball queen?" My moves were a little rusty, and by that I mean, I think I kicked the ball once or twice. And I laughed the entire time because that's what I do when I'm completely lost or at least when my coordination is completely lost. Try playing tetherball when you are about to pee yourself from laughter. Trust me, it takes a real wiz.

The first game was ugly. I fumbled around a lot. In the last minutes of the
game, Andy did the old "take it up the tail pipe" move and the ball twirled around for victory number one. I was still laughing so hard. I pulled the whole "that was just a warm up" and he agreed to a second and final round. It was my turn to serve ,so I wound up with flare and dramatics and yelled, "Try this one on for size, Wallabe!" (An apparent jab at his last name, uh, and mine. Not sure where I get this stuff.) Then I did it. He didn't see it coming. I slammed the ball so hard it made my hand stiiiiing. That's when I watched it all go down, or at least watched my husband go down, straight to the ground after getting nailed in the face. We both ended up on the ground, laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.

Next time, don't mess with the tetherball champ, Wallabe.
(Psst, and thanks for this memory yesterday. There's been lots of grown up talk around here because we have all these new responsibilities as of late, so these moments are the sweetest to me.)


  1. I literally just snorted while reading this! {because I, unfortunately, do that when I laugh!} But you painted a very good picture and the story put a smile on my face :) I love days and moments like that with my husband!

    1. Haha thanks friend!! Yes, these moments are the best!!

  2. What a game it was, my love. Can't forget to have fun once in a while. Please don't mislead your audience though. You didn't win :)

  3. Now THIS just made me smile big. And I've never even played tetherball! And definitely haven't seen a court in years and years. It was a sign that you had to make it happen. And that you did.