30 November 2013

Taking Stock

Making: Plans for another beach trip. Always.
Cooking: Something I’ve only done six times since Marin was born. Husband of the Year. Wait, or worst wife of the year. Let’s go with the former.
Drinking: Hot chocolate like it’s going out of style.  With AND with out marshmallows.
Reading: The Hungry Caterpillar A LOT.  So much that I can tell you, with out referencing the book, the first line reads, “In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf.” On the sixth day Mommy needs a break, hungry fella.
Wanting: hair extensions
Looking: For the lesson, purpose, meaning, in it all. Phew, that was tiring to write.
Playing: The song “Wake Me Up” on repeat
Wasting: A perfectly good box of wheat thins..…Just.close.the.top.before.going.to.bed.
Sewing:  Well, there was that one time I tried to sew some jeans I cut-off. Yeah sewing needles can only take so much before they snap.
Wishing: I lived closer to just about everyone.
Enjoying:  My Topshop leggings. They are legging perfection.
Waiting:  I’m never the one on this end. Sorry not sorry?
Liking: My Christmas idea for my little brother. 
Wondering: If Kroger still has that Christmas tree I saw a couple days ago. Yes. Kroger.
Loving: How Marin layed her head on my shoulder tonight after being entertained for hours by lots of family and friends. To be her home, ugh, the best.
Hoping: That one friend gets that one thing she has been wanting.
Needing: A knee replacement or ice or something. Sheesh.
Smelling: I’ve been trying to figure it out for the past hour. Is it the disposal or the dishwasher? Whatever it is, it needs some TLC.
Wearing: Striped pajama pants, grey sweatshirt, a little bit of baby spit up and a Georgia Tech hat (The only remnant of a shattered dream. Dawg tired.)
Following: Baby North’s every Instagram appearance. Haha what?
Noticing: That Black Friday has become Black Weekend.  And the sales just keep on coming.
Knowing: That I will continue to become a better mom because I’ve decided to say these little words every morning, “Dear Lord, Marin is yours and I am too.”
Thinking:  That I’m going to be up in two hours to feed the cutest kid I’ve ever met. Doesn’t seem so daunting when I put it that way.
Bookmarking: Ways to get a baby’s schedule back on the right track.
Opening: My mouth when I’m tired. Just shhhhhhh.
Giggling: Because tonight a baby peanut fancied falling asleep while her butt was patted AND her head rubbed, a cruel joke on a mommy who never mastered patting her head while rubbing her belly.  Rub. Pat. Pat. Rub. Rub. Doh!  
Feeling: Tired. Night, darling reader.

Borrowed this fun list from thedaybookblog who borrowed it from Pip’s blog

25 November 2013

Coffee and Purple Donuts in Bed

 I present to you my favorite moments from our weekend.  We stayed in our pjs late and finished our coffees in bed.  We cheered for a wobbly little person in her best efforts at crawling.  

Marin’s sleep has been super dodgy lately, waking up at 2:00 am, 3:00 am (merrily singing “dada dada dada”), 5:00 am to eat and so on.  We’ve tried everything to get her back to those blissful ten hours she used to gift us with, but this crazy routine continues. Since it is physically impossible for Andy to help with the middle of the night feedings, he has been taking on that first diaper change every Saturday and Sunday morning then getting our little peanut bundled up to go find coffee and breakfast for the mama grizzly who remains in hibernation. 

He serves us a lot.  It's not human.  And he says things like “I don’t want to miss these moments with my girls. I want to serve you when I can.”  Really, this is him.  He helps me remember that tiny moments make up our lives.  Where I’m always trying to attack tasks of grandeur and fighting against monotony, he enjoys the “dailys”, and he is teaching me to do the same.  These are the little moments I want to remember, these are the moments I want millions more of.

20 November 2013

A Baby and a Vineyard

We spent the better part of this past weekend playing a mean game of copy cat. Marin started it. She said "ma ma." Ah! That's me! I dont think she knows it's me, but those two little heart lips got together and made mmmmmmmmusic.  And this quick mama just happened to have her phone nearby and got the moment captured for good. Andy rejoiced with me via text.

Of course, when he came home from work, dada boot camp began. We ping ponged, "Mama, dada, mama, dada..."

At first we tried to be sweet and I would say dada and Andy would say mama, but that idea just seemed like it would backfire eventually. So, now we fight for the honor of our own titles.

We also spent time celebrating an early birthday with my youngest brother and some of his friends at Wolf Mountain Winery in Dahlonega. If you make reservations, you can eat a yummy lunch or just drop in for a wine tasting. A glass of the Plentitude alongside their pimento cheese and candied bacon is deeelish.
Oh, and the view is wow.
We always snap a couple pics when we visit because it's where the pretty leaves go to fall.
 It was the best time and always good to meet new friends. 

We continued our mama dada ping pong match on the drive home.

Then she said it.
"Daaa daaa." 
And I haven't heard mama since. Pfff.
(It's okay. She's homeschooled. I got this.;)

14 November 2013

Savannah Half Marathon

We jogged through the final crowd of people and straight through the finish line, hand in hand.  It was the best experience with this guy!  Everyone should do this with their sweetheart.  One for the books. 

06 November 2013

Letters to Marin: The Cafeteria

Hey missy moo,

This is a story about your mama and a cafeteria and a mean kid. Well, he wasn’t really a mean kid. He just wanted a laugh and to be accepted, just like I did. You will probably hear this story again somewhere down the road, like when we’re driving or when we're all at the dinner table. Oh the stories you will hear and then re-hear because I just want you to know some things, things that will be with you in moments when it matters.

It was my first day of high school, and I was the new girl which had never really phased me before; I had been the new girl a few times.  I actually enjoyed meeting new people, a big social butterfly. But I was nervous that day.  The hallways were packed. 

 I met a girl in my math class who, come to find out, had my same lunch hour, so I asked her if she would mind me sitting with her at lunch.  She was kind and agreed. (When you are a grown up, you won’t mind eating by yourself, but not in high school.  In high school, you will want a friend at lunch.) 

So we sat down in the cafeteria where two tables were pushed together and jammed with friends.  I didn’t say much because all these pretty people looked like they were already best buds and your mama was a bit nervous.  I just ate quietly and looked forward to the end of the day and my home and my family, ugh, and feeling like myself again.

Then it happened.
Something hit me square in the forehead.  A boy across the table had flicked a coke can cap at my face. Then he sarcastically asked, “Oh, who was that?”  Everyone laughed. No one said a word to me as I finished my chicken tenders. I held in the tears until I jumped in my mom’s mini van at the end of the day.

It was a real doozy of a first day, but an important one.  I needed that day in my story because I learned such a big lesson, little bean.  At fifteen, I don’t think it had ever crossed my mind that there might be lonely people around me at school, not until I was that lonely person.  I was looking for who would accept me, who would be my friend. And that’s just backwards thinking.  I should have been looking for someone who needed a friend.  I’m sure with that many kids, there was at least one person who needed a friend that day. I missed an opportunity.

You made me a mama, little bean.  And now my heart and hopes and very best is yours.  So I'm giving you this story because I just want you to know that when lessons are learned the hard way, it means God is doing something for you, not to you. I also want you to know He gave you a big heart; be sure to use it to love on people.

My mini van will always be yours to cry in.
 And I love, love, love you.
Love, Mommy.

P.S.  You got so tired before your nap today that you laughed your way to sleep.  I just about died. You are the funniest and the cutest.