25 November 2013

Coffee and Purple Donuts in Bed

 I present to you my favorite moments from our weekend.  We stayed in our pjs late and finished our coffees in bed.  We cheered for a wobbly little person in her best efforts at crawling.  

Marin’s sleep has been super dodgy lately, waking up at 2:00 am, 3:00 am (merrily singing “dada dada dada”), 5:00 am to eat and so on.  We’ve tried everything to get her back to those blissful ten hours she used to gift us with, but this crazy routine continues. Since it is physically impossible for Andy to help with the middle of the night feedings, he has been taking on that first diaper change every Saturday and Sunday morning then getting our little peanut bundled up to go find coffee and breakfast for the mama grizzly who remains in hibernation. 

He serves us a lot.  It's not human.  And he says things like “I don’t want to miss these moments with my girls. I want to serve you when I can.”  Really, this is him.  He helps me remember that tiny moments make up our lives.  Where I’m always trying to attack tasks of grandeur and fighting against monotony, he enjoys the “dailys”, and he is teaching me to do the same.  These are the little moments I want to remember, these are the moments I want millions more of.

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