30 November 2013

Taking Stock

Making: Plans for another beach trip. Always.
Cooking: Something I’ve only done six times since Marin was born. Husband of the Year. Wait, or worst wife of the year. Let’s go with the former.
Drinking: Hot chocolate like it’s going out of style.  With AND with out marshmallows.
Reading: The Hungry Caterpillar A LOT.  So much that I can tell you, with out referencing the book, the first line reads, “In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf.” On the sixth day Mommy needs a break, hungry fella.
Wanting: hair extensions
Looking: For the lesson, purpose, meaning, in it all. Phew, that was tiring to write.
Playing: The song “Wake Me Up” on repeat
Wasting: A perfectly good box of wheat thins..…Just.close.the.top.before.going.to.bed.
Sewing:  Well, there was that one time I tried to sew some jeans I cut-off. Yeah sewing needles can only take so much before they snap.
Wishing: I lived closer to just about everyone.
Enjoying:  My Topshop leggings. They are legging perfection.
Waiting:  I’m never the one on this end. Sorry not sorry?
Liking: My Christmas idea for my little brother. 
Wondering: If Kroger still has that Christmas tree I saw a couple days ago. Yes. Kroger.
Loving: How Marin layed her head on my shoulder tonight after being entertained for hours by lots of family and friends. To be her home, ugh, the best.
Hoping: That one friend gets that one thing she has been wanting.
Needing: A knee replacement or ice or something. Sheesh.
Smelling: I’ve been trying to figure it out for the past hour. Is it the disposal or the dishwasher? Whatever it is, it needs some TLC.
Wearing: Striped pajama pants, grey sweatshirt, a little bit of baby spit up and a Georgia Tech hat (The only remnant of a shattered dream. Dawg tired.)
Following: Baby North’s every Instagram appearance. Haha what?
Noticing: That Black Friday has become Black Weekend.  And the sales just keep on coming.
Knowing: That I will continue to become a better mom because I’ve decided to say these little words every morning, “Dear Lord, Marin is yours and I am too.”
Thinking:  That I’m going to be up in two hours to feed the cutest kid I’ve ever met. Doesn’t seem so daunting when I put it that way.
Bookmarking: Ways to get a baby’s schedule back on the right track.
Opening: My mouth when I’m tired. Just shhhhhhh.
Giggling: Because tonight a baby peanut fancied falling asleep while her butt was patted AND her head rubbed, a cruel joke on a mommy who never mastered patting her head while rubbing her belly.  Rub. Pat. Pat. Rub. Rub. Doh!  
Feeling: Tired. Night, darling reader.

Borrowed this fun list from thedaybookblog who borrowed it from Pip’s blog

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