20 November 2013

A Baby and a Vineyard

We spent the better part of this past weekend playing a mean game of copy cat. Marin started it. She said "ma ma." Ah! That's me! I dont think she knows it's me, but those two little heart lips got together and made mmmmmmmmusic.  And this quick mama just happened to have her phone nearby and got the moment captured for good. Andy rejoiced with me via text.

Of course, when he came home from work, dada boot camp began. We ping ponged, "Mama, dada, mama, dada..."

At first we tried to be sweet and I would say dada and Andy would say mama, but that idea just seemed like it would backfire eventually. So, now we fight for the honor of our own titles.

We also spent time celebrating an early birthday with my youngest brother and some of his friends at Wolf Mountain Winery in Dahlonega. If you make reservations, you can eat a yummy lunch or just drop in for a wine tasting. A glass of the Plentitude alongside their pimento cheese and candied bacon is deeelish.
Oh, and the view is wow.
We always snap a couple pics when we visit because it's where the pretty leaves go to fall.
 It was the best time and always good to meet new friends. 

We continued our mama dada ping pong match on the drive home.

Then she said it.
"Daaa daaa." 
And I haven't heard mama since. Pfff.
(It's okay. She's homeschooled. I got this.;)


  1. You are adorable :-) and I love your vest!

    1. Thank you, Becca! Love your little man's new haircut! ADORABLE!!!