31 October 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from somewhere over the rainbow! On Saturday, our neighborhood held its annual Halloween block party where all the kids/families dressed up in their halloween costumes and enjoyed a chili cook off and movie night.  Last year we had so much fun dressing up as a family for the event that we decided to go for it again this year in one of my favorite themes of all time, Wizard of Oz.  As a little girl I dressed as Dorothy for four Halloweens straight, so the love runs really deep here.  I even tried to follow in my mom's footsteps by making the costumes myself, but with very little patience for sewing, these little beauties' costumes had to make their way into the world with a yard of blue gingham, three sticks of hot glue (ha!), and one of my old skirts safety-pinned around Marin's waist.  Overall, I was pretty pleased with our efforts, especially the tin man's commitment to that silver paint.  Love this family and these fun memories.  There really is no place like home.  ;)

As for tonight, we have fed the babies and are watching Marin's choice of Mother Goose Club's Halloween special before heading out to trick-or-treat. And if all ends well, I'll be able to convince Andy to watch Hocus Pocus with me before we crash for the night.  Have a fun and safe night everyone! 

19 September 2016

Britt Bass, Balloons, and Bears...

Oh my!  If you frequent this space then you know I have a true affection for all things party planning and hosting.  Well, just recently I was approached by a friend to help create hot air balloon centerpieces for a bear and balloon inspired Bris. Talie Shove at funnybeautiful.com came up with the fun spin of modernizing the centerpieces by painting a Britt Bass-ish style balloon and adding hand drawn teddies. I absolutely loved her idea AND loved how they materialized!  So glad to have been a small part of such a beautiful tradition.  And just loving how these hot air balloon centerpieces brought a little joy to the day.  Bears, balloons and Britt Bass for the win!

18 September 2016

We're having a baby!

It's true! Another baby! Even eighteen weeks in, that news hits me with all its amazing force.  A baby, one of those things in life that can be planned and still be a shock. How on earth does God trust us to house a soul, a growing person?!  Such an awesome miracle. We see that, and we are grateful.
We are also TIRED.  Growing a person while raising two others is no small feat.  Let my recent absence from this space be a big blaring confession that we were on the struggle bus for a bit (and maybe still are at times). There is nothing like a first trimester to really highlight the endurance of your guy, and did it ever.  He worked full days and came home to babies holding onto his legs while he made dinner. He carried loads of beach gear and slathered sunscreen on two wiggly girls. He sent me off to nap.  He tried decoding my every aversion and craving. He gladly accepted every three-year-old invitation to play dolls.  BUT as the first days of Fall come peering in and all the nausea and tiredness of the first trimester wane, we have a fresh breath in our lungs and we are feeling good,  excited to meet this little one in February.  I can smell that soft fuzzy head already.  

27 June 2016

Our Hilton Head Vacation

I'm having to brush some cobwebs off the blog with this post. Our girlies have been waking up extra early the last couple weeks and on top of that, they came down with the worst sickness they've had yet, so naturally this little space has been forgotten while we recoup and rest. Sigh. BUT, the girls seem to be on the upswing and on this one fine day in June, they are still sleeping at 9:04 am! 

A couple weeks ago we took an amazing trip to Hilton Head with my family.  We drove home talking about the highlights of the trip. Marin said fishing with Papa was her favorite part. Andy and I told her (with her proud beaming little face) that playing on the beach and riding bikes with her and Brite were special memories for us.  Especially after the week we had, I love looking through these pictures. Such a special trip for us and our girls.  Can hardly believe we are headed back to the beach in a couple weeks.  But first, laundry.  ;)

24 May 2016

Where the Poppies Grow

More and more I'm finding that the smallest, most simple things in life are oftentimes the most treasured, especially in motherhood.  And last week, one of those small joys was waking Marin up one morning to see that her poppies had bloomed.  We planted a small box garden with my dad a couple months ago, and we have faithfully watered it every day since.  It has been so rewarding to watch Marin observe the whole process, starting with her tiny hands carefully (then not so carefully;) pressing each seed into the soil. Not going to lie, watching her prance around the backyard with her little picked-poppy trophy made my heart swell a bit because SHE made a way for that little flower to grow, from start to finish (with a little help from her Papa of course).  And on this very normal Tuesday, we are glad for the soil, the poppies, the hands, the simple moments that are building this life.
Hope your day also is being filled with all the ordinary moments that make these days so very extraordinary.