27 June 2016

Our Hilton Head Vacation

I'm having to brush some cobwebs off the blog with this post. Our girlies have been waking up extra early the last couple weeks and on top of that, they came down with the worst sickness they've had yet, so naturally this little space has been forgotten while we recoup and rest. Sigh. BUT, the girls seem to be on the upswing and on this one fine day in June, they are still sleeping at 9:04 am! 

A couple weeks ago we took an amazing trip to Hilton Head with my family.  We drove home talking about the highlights of the trip. Marin said fishing with Papa was her favorite part. Andy and I told her (with her proud beaming little face) that playing on the beach and riding bikes with her and Brite were special memories for us.  Especially after the week we had, I love looking through these pictures. Such a special trip for us and our girls.  Can hardly believe we are headed back to the beach in a couple weeks.  But first, laundry.  ;)

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