24 May 2016

Where the Poppies Grow

More and more I'm finding that the smallest, most simple things in life are oftentimes the most treasured, especially in motherhood.  And last week, one of those small joys was waking Marin up one morning to see that her poppies had bloomed.  We planted a small box garden with my dad a couple months ago, and we have faithfully watered it every day since.  It has been so rewarding to watch Marin observe the whole process, starting with her tiny hands carefully (then not so carefully;) pressing each seed into the soil. Not going to lie, watching her prance around the backyard with her little picked-poppy trophy made my heart swell a bit because SHE made a way for that little flower to grow, from start to finish (with a little help from her Papa of course).  And on this very normal Tuesday, we are glad for the soil, the poppies, the hands, the simple moments that are building this life.
Hope your day also is being filled with all the ordinary moments that make these days so very extraordinary.  

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