09 May 2016

A Mother's Day Weekend Beach Trip

What a fun weekend we had! On Friday afternoon Andy texted me "Pack the bags! We leave for the beach tonight!" And oh how I LOVE this sort of thing. The girls and I did a quick Target run then zipped home for Brite's nap and packing. We were completely packed and on the road within two hours, a packing personal record. ;) 

The drive to Hilton Head is somewhere around a five hour trip and with these types of adventures the drive is always the most daunting part SO we were super relieved when there wasn't a single tear shed the entire way there. We pulled into our hotel around midnight, scooped up our sleeping babies and tried our best to make a peaceful transition to beds. Of course everyone was roused awake, squealing, and jumping on beds ten minutes later BUT hey, after the drive from heaven, dues must be paid. We won't discuss how long it took us to settle the monkeys.;)
We spent the first half of Saturday at the beach, enjoying the endless low-tide sand and sea. Marin has always loved the beach, truly living up to her namesake by prancing around in a joyful oblivion. And Brite Wren, well, she liked eating sand. ;)

Andy and I traded off time at the pool with Marin while Brite took a much needed afternoon nap. After playing at the pool we headed to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on the island and ordered our favorite dish. Marin crashed in the chair next to her before our food arrived, such a sweet sun-kissed sight. We ended our day with golden hour on the beach and one more quick swim in the pool. Both girls were asleep by 10:00.
Brite woke up at a crazy early hour on Sunday morning, so she and Andy went to find breakfast for everyone while Marin and I slept in. I was greeted with a cup of coffee, breakfast, and sleepy-faced Happy Mother's Day wishes. I couldn't have dreamt up a better gift than that very moment and this beautiful little trip with the ones I love. We reluctantly packed our things (after one last promised pool dip) and we were on our way home.

At some point on Saturday Andy and I looked at each other and sang the praises of time together and shirked weekend duties like lawn mowing and grocery shopping. There are plenty of joys in those everyday responsibilities BUT every now and then a weekend like this comes along and fills our hearts with memories of sandy babies and endless sky that offer reminders of the goodness of God and how deep his love must run.

Thank you to a husband who made this weekend happen and who so lovingly captured some precious pictures that I will always cherish.  Sometimes it hits me that I live in the glow of him and the two little ladies who made me a mom.  So very humbled to be theirs.  

With a big grateful heart...Monday, here we come. 

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