17 May 2016

Mama Gone Chattanooga

Every now and then, when the winds of motherhood blow just right, I find myself in the car ALONE, and this past Saturday I embraced that very phenomenon.

Once upon a decade ago, I attended college in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I also met some of my dearest friends.  AND just so happens that one of those very dear friends moved back to Chattanooga in recent years.  Our families have met up in both Atlanta and Chattanooga to hang out on various occasions and we've loved watching our husbands and kids become buddies in the sweetest way. Ahh, but THIS TIME (you see where I'm going with this) our husbands so graciously sent us on our way to have a mom's day out.  Insert choir of angels.

We went for a jog like we used to in college.  We drove a scooter like the die hard biker chicks we are. We ate oysters and fresh guacamole at a restaurant by the river. We drank up the warmth of the day and sharing about our babies. We got pedicures. We welcomed texts from our husbands that read things like, Everything is going great! Stay as long as you want.  {Also, the baby pooped in the tub. Hope you don't mind if I leave there to clean later...}  Can't win them all, folks.  Wink.

I guess the point of the story is that sometimes sh*t happens (in the tub), but sometimes a mom's day out happens too and when it comes time to clean up the you-know-what, you do with a big smile on your face while you sing Fifth Harmony's song that got stuck in your head during your drive home.  And you're singing because your cup is so full and you feel SO flipping blessed to have the kind of friends that are pure human hallelujahs, and to have squishy precious babies to miss during a day away, and a super selfless partner in life who so graciously offers up a day such as this.  And a most AMAZING one it was!

Thanks for another fun adventure, Er! Love you so much.

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