03 May 2016

Favorite (little) Reads

There have been a couple new favorite books circulating during reading time with the girls, so I thought I'd share some of our new (and a couple old) faves.  Marin has always loved sitting down to read with us, and her increasing attention span is just making it even more fun.  I'm looking forward to the day we can sit and read a chapter book together.  Roald Dahl, here we come!  But for now, we love these sweet picture books, some sentimental and some quite funny.

 I Wanna Iguana We checked this book out from the library a few months ago and Marin has been asking to get it again so we decided to add it to our collection.  This book and the illustrations by David Catrow are SO good.  Hilarious! I actually giggle every time we read it.  It's a series of letters between a boy and his mom where he proceeds to try and convince her he should have a pet iguana.  Tons of fun.
 Oh the Wonderful Things you will Be Someday I'll read this book and not cry.  Someday.  Such sweet words and BEAUTIFUL illustrations.  "For all your tininess couldn't disguise a heart so enormous and wild and wise..."
The Girl Who Lost her Name If you haven't checked out this awesome company, you have to.  Marin got this book from her cousins for Christmas and it is so special.  Each book is personalized to the name you pick and character that looks most like your little one.  So when we read this book, we follow a little blonde-headed girl through the pages that tell the story of 
M-A-R-I-N.  Super special. Also, if you "chat" online with one of their staff, they'll gladly offer a 15% off discount code. ;) A really great gift idea as well.
 My Very First Book of Animal Homes Who doesn't love an Eric Carle book? Each page is split in half and the reader gets to match the animal to its corresponding home.   
 Duck and Goose: Goose Needs a Hug This simple and adorable story about friendship always makes us smile!
 Go, Dog. Go! We all have those books our kids love that we sometimes hide. ha! I bought this book for Marin before she was born because Andy told me it was his favorite book as a kid.  It never gets old for her! Since she is his mini-me, I'm not surprised in the least that she LOVES this quirky and fun book. Or that she will still pick it up to read even though we've read it 52,760 times. ;) 
 Ellie This is such a sweet story about an elephant that finds her unique talent and uses it to help save the zoo.  Super cute. 
 Mix it Up!  Marin will ask to read this book over and over.  She goes bananas for it and has memorized all the fun interactive parts.

Would love to know what some of your fam favorites are! Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!

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