29 April 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! With all this nice weather, we've been playing outside as much as possible. Those long gone February days made a mom forget how easy the days can be with a little outside play.

Which brings me to these bubble wands.  We got them as a gift and they are so much fun. We just fill a bowl with dish soap and water and wait for someone to accidentally kick it ;). Loads of fun and pretty durable.  Lately, Marin and I will turn on the Disney station on Pandora or the Disney princess playlist on Apple Music playing NICE and loud and run around making bubbles.  So let's just make this a blanket apology to all our neighbors while we're at it because sometimes this involves little people in their skivvies.

Speaking of clothes, a couple weeks ago I retired some of the running clothes I've had since HIGH SCHOOL (yummy) and got a couple more pieces for working out. I noticed this top from the Gap got really high reviews, so I ordered two and totally see why the reviews were so high.  It is perfect for working out in hot weather and super comfy.

 I used these small and REALLY affordable cake stands for the girls' birthdays and loved the look.

And lastly, a couple favorite pics from the week because memories with these people are my forever favorites.  Also, when all else fails, walk down the street barefoot with yo princess wand and pet unicorn. ;)

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