21 April 2016

Brite Wren. One Year.

Imagine a Spring evening, just before sunset.  Imagine a warm breeze, the kind of breeze that causes you to think about peace and the One who created peace.  Imagine Him and the moments in life He gives you that whisper He loves you

If you can imagine these things, then you will know exactly what your entrance into this world and our family was. 

Oh we love you so, Brite Wren.

You spent your first year being smiley, wily, and sweet.  There were fussy days and wakeful nights but even those moments have been our greatest honor to be a part of.  Your life, precious one, is such a gift, every single minute.

Just after midnight on April 21st I got to hold you for the first time.  Looking into your eyes for the first time felt like meeting someone I already knew.  You were pure peace in a tiny body.  Even your cry was quiet.  I won’t ever forget those first days with you, rocking you and singing Winter Snow over and over and weeping at the sight of your beautiful little soul.  

How are we already here?  How are you already a year?  It has been the fastest year of my life.  Each day unfurls more about you that we grow to love and we can’t wait to watch you live all the life in front of you.  It will be so beautiful. 

The other day you face-planted into your food and lifted your head in a belly laugh.  You stick your tongue out to make us laugh.  You smile incessantly, with your whole face (even your eyebrows).  It will never be your responsibility to make us happy, but you do.  You make us smile every single day and we are the luckiest that you came to join the three of us. 

Happy Birthday, Brite Wren (little chicken, mushy girl, Bubba, Britey).  There is no one like you in this world.  Never forget that we love you and, most importantly, the Lord loves you and made you oh so special.