17 April 2016

Marin. Three.

Yesterday, from the backseat of the car, you asked me if I would roll your window down so you could “Say hello to that big, beautiful, blue rain cloud.” 

“HIIIIII big butiful bwue cwoud!”  

 At the sound of your thunderous declaration, the memory of a nurse peaking into our hospital room the day you were born flashes through my mind. “Your baby has got some real pipes.”  

And from my rearview mirror, I see both my baby and my big girl.  You, being who you’ve always been, just more. 

During bedtime the other night you commanded, “Mommy, come here so I can give you a kiss.” You pursed your lips with loads of concentration.  And I remember it wasn’t too long ago when you still gave baby kisses with your mouth wide open.  There is even an evolution in your kisses.

Tight lips.
Eyes looking up and to the right, sometimes closed.

Then this week I had to apologize for a lack of patience during bath time antics. “It’s okay. I give you, Mommy.”  A little lady with a heart that FORGIVES is in our midst.  

And in a flash I see my big girl and my baby…you being who we hoped you would be, and more.

You spend your days in a glorious oblivion, bounding from one activity to the next.  Play doh, repunzel castle, the swingset, twirling, changing your outfit five times.  
You are wary and wild, a strong-willed rule follower, silly and serious.     

There are so many “I want to do it on my own’s”
And “Mommy, I need help!” We are on your little independence rollercoaster. 

You are a bright and loving big sister.  We couldn’t be more proud.  You so genuinely adore this little creature who came to share in all the affection this year, and your baby sister lights up when you are around, watches your every move. 

And while you bound around by your heartstrings, Daddy and I spend our days trying to capture it all, our baby and our big girl.

Happy THIRD birthday, precious Marin Elizabeth.  You are so very much unlike anyone we’ve ever known.  You have had our complete gaze since you came screaming our way three years ago and you always will.

Our lives and this world would have a big gaping {pink, no doubt;) hole with out you in it, precious one.

And guess what? WE LOVE YOU. That’s what.

Happy Birthday, little moo.   

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