18 September 2016

We're having a baby!

It's true! Another baby! Even eighteen weeks in, that news hits me with all its amazing force.  A baby, one of those things in life that can be planned and still be a shock. How on earth does God trust us to house a soul, a growing person?!  Such an awesome miracle. We see that, and we are grateful.
We are also TIRED.  Growing a person while raising two others is no small feat.  Let my recent absence from this space be a big blaring confession that we were on the struggle bus for a bit (and maybe still are at times). There is nothing like a first trimester to really highlight the endurance of your guy, and did it ever.  He worked full days and came home to babies holding onto his legs while he made dinner. He carried loads of beach gear and slathered sunscreen on two wiggly girls. He sent me off to nap.  He tried decoding my every aversion and craving. He gladly accepted every three-year-old invitation to play dolls.  BUT as the first days of Fall come peering in and all the nausea and tiredness of the first trimester wane, we have a fresh breath in our lungs and we are feeling good,  excited to meet this little one in February.  I can smell that soft fuzzy head already.  

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