09 December 2013

Happy Birthday. ilove you.

I was told not to buy this here item by the birthday boy himself.  He reminded me that it was much too expensive of a gift and that he didn’t really need it, simply chalking up a sufficient birthday gift to new white t-shirts to replace his current ones and their bacon neck situation.  I racked my brain for WEEKS trying to think of a gift that would evoke from him the same giddy response I knew this device would, but I....just....couldn’t.  I mean, I was really starting to sweat his gift this year.  So, last Friday I called AT&T, attempting to work a birthday discount miracle for the guy who never buys himself anything.  When there to my wondering ears did I hear, an automated system which said, “You have a new device waiting to be activated.  Is this the reason you are calling?” Why no it isn’t. lol  The most generous guy alive struck again, and boy was I furious (in a good way).  While I was a little bummed about discovering the Christmas gift he bought me, I took this as an open invitation to reciprocate the gesture and spend his hard earned money to get him the ONE item he would light up over.  So, off to apple I went.  And he was deeeelighted when he saw it (unless that was panic in his eyes over deeeepleted bank accounts). Ha.

 Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.  I hope you have the best birthday yet.  And while I know you loved this here gift, you actually don’t put much value on such toys, so I can also guarantee the kind of presents that mean the most to you when you arrive home from work today…a little baby girl flailing her arms and squealing because her dada is home and a wifey (who baked a cake. Yep, that’s right, a cake) who just thinks you hang the moon.  Our funds may now be low, but our spirits are rich indeed. I love you.

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