21 December 2013


      Discussions in our home these past few days have revolved quite a bit around house plans. Swooooon. We are making some plans indeed!  And besides the large number of minutes I spent in dreamland today, aka Pinterest, I got to thinking about this number... 
Twenty-two years.  
When I add it up, that’s the amount of time I’ve spent living in apartments. And there were some pretty sweet apartments too.  Like the one in Germany that had the huge abandoned attic that I filled with an entire Fisherprice household, complete with washer and dryer.  Then there was the apartment in Colorado that backed to a massive park with baseball fields, soccer fields, and a creek full of crawfish.  Then the amazing lofty feeling one I spent a year in, just me (except for the six months a small mischievous pug named Daisy lived there too.) That brings me to my all time favorite fun size home, this condo where Andy and I spent our newlywed years and our first (almost) year with a 22 lbs. peanut.    

So, as you could imagine, there’s some real daydreaming going on in these parts due to the prospect of a bonafide house with room for friends, and parties, and babies. 
But, all the pretty things are starting to sparkle. And my fingers just keep pinning, so I just want to leave this little note here for my future self:

Dear Me in a year,
Girl you are looking gooooood.  But seriously, I just want to remind you; keep it simple.  You’ve been blessed with all the things that make life full, as well as 22 years of simple living; remember where your treasure is.  That’s all.


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