23 December 2013

A Christmas Miracle + A Winner

A full blown Christmas miracle happened today.  We decided last minute to take Marin to see Jolly Old Saint Nick.  I really do fight Christmas traditions that feel obligatory which I’m trying to work on because, well, it’s a bit scrooge-like.  And it never fails that once I get there, I see why people wait in lines for this stuff; it is magical, really.  I mean, a little girl, not my own mind you, sat on Santa’s lap and read her Christmas list to Santa item-by-item, and I actually cried.  I cried watching someone else’s child sit on Santa’s lap. I couldn’t handle the anticipation to see what Marin would do; although, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t involve one of her awesome gummy grins because she is usually pretty serious when there is a lot to look at.  Christmas, at the mall, yeah not conducive for a big gummy…too…much…to…see….Mom!  I just hoped for a small tug on the beard at most, but then…thanks to those amazing talented people who shake stuffed animals at babies all day, there it was.  And what seemed like the entire line of waiting families actually cheered and clapped at the beautiful little sight.  And mommy’s heart grew three sizes that day.  Until next year, Santa. 

P.S. Manda, you are the lucky winner of the Pen, meet Paper giveaway! Congrats!  Kristen will be getting in touch soon! Merry Christmas and thanks for joining in the fun, friend!

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