20 February 2014

Oh Just a Conversation we had Last Night about Pushing Mini Humans Around

Andy and I layed in bed last night talking about our day in what feels lately like an eternal state of whispering (because we live here).  I told him that since it’s been so warm outside, I decided to try out the jogging stroller and actually jog this time.  He asked me how it went. I filled him in on all the preliminary girl-story details like “Well, I put on shorts.  I know, can you believe it?  Shorts. Just last week, we had on our snow gear. Anyway, then I decided we would run in the neighborhood across the street because you know it’s so gorgeous.…so on and so forth. “
 He listened quietly then asked me how the jog was, how far I made it. 
Then I broke it to him.
“I jogged for like five minutes.”
“Huh, stroller too heavy?”
“Too windy? Too many hills? Too tired?”
“Nope, nope, nope.”
“Well, what was it?”

Then I reminded him, “You know how I get irked and give you “the look” when you try to talk to me during runs and you don’t seem winded or tired?”

(Pause for interlude:  There is just something about it. Eeek.  Is there anything more torturous than feeling like you need an oxygen mask while you are working out with someone who I could swear is over there skipping in breath-filled delight? I mean, no.
Anyway, I went on to explain that there is actually something more difficult.  And that I won’t ever complain again when he isn’t winded during our runs.) 

"Try pushing a mini human who is SITTING down the entire workout.  Plays tricks on the mind, sweetie pie."
Then he laughed so hard we almost exited whisperdom. 
"Um, she is a baby."
"Yeah, and a really cute one.  But it doesn't matter.  She is sitting and I am jogging." 

I'm not sure where the conversation went from there.  I think it somehow ended up on the dare for him push me in a stroller next time he goes for a jog. Then we talked about Tolstoy. Or not.

Moral of the story...
I will never look at jogging strollers the same.  When I see super mom running down the road with heaven forbid two little bitties in there, I will see one person pushing two little people on a glorified couch.  So, there you go.

As for me and my girl, we might just stick to  w a l k s.


  1. So cute and funny! I love your cozy apartment :) These are precious moments for your sweet fam. Happy to have found your blog today and to be following you on bloglovin'! :)

  2. This made me giggle!! At least you went out…looks lovely where you are :)