06 October 2015

Our Weekend

Our Weekend activities are ending up here in a Tuesday post because my weekend runneth over. It was so jammed packed with fun activities and, of course, over in the blink of an eye. On Saturday we had a birthday party for my best friend's little girl, Ginny. I still remember the day she was born and how I couldn't sleep that night waiting to hear from her mom that she had arrived safe and sound. Little Miss Ginny, you were prayed and prayed for, and now look at you, one whole year old! We love you, little pumpkin.
Speaking of pumpkins, her mama put together the sweetest themed party of pumpkins and roses for her October baby. I'm a sucker for a cute party and this one was amazing. Gold pumpkins, coral roses, burlap, and lace...adorable!

Saturday evening we celebrated my big brother with steaks, cakes and board games.  He let Marin have the honors with blowing out the candle. They are the cutest buddies. Happy Birthday, big brother! We love you, and are beyond glad for the day you were born. This is your year!

Sunday afternoon some of our very best friends from college came to visit and treat us to a Braves vs. Cardinals game. The seats were so close to the field that most of the foul balls were ending up behind us, oh except for the one that our friend Jared caught! What?! We had a blast! Brite Wren was terrified and inconsolable after the cheering that followed the big catch, but that's okay because it gave me and Erin a chance to sneak off to rock our babies and chat. It also gave the guys a chance to actually watch the game. We ended the night with all the kids tucked into their beds and the four of us sitting on our couch watching Jimmy Fallon clips. The BEST.  Monday morning our house was filled with the voices and cooing of five kids and the aroma of bacon and coffee, heaven. We enjoyed a couple more hours with our friends before waving goodbye, giggling at an abandoned Lego in our driveway. I will miss those wild ones. Love them so much.

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