20 October 2015

Sarah D Visits the A

We had one of the very best weekends! My good friend, Sarah, flew in Friday morning and stayed all the way through Monday which made for an extra long, fun-filled weekend palooza. There is something really special about this lady and our friendship.

I think the thing about a friendship, especially ours, is that no matter how long it has been around,  it seems to carry with it the spirit of where and when the friendship began. Sarah D and I met in middle school, when life pretty much still held the simplicity of childhood. We were silly, flirty, oddly comfortable in our own skins. It was before heartbreaks, jobs, and BIG responsibilities. Most of our friendship has been long distance, but when we get the chance to visit, I could swear those two effervescent teens are somewhere in our midst, even 20 years later.

I'm so grateful for her friendship and who she has always been to me. She is good, so good, like the kind that insists she'll hold your baby so you can eat your taco first type of friend. The weekend was tons of fun. We dined, we drank loads of coffee, we played with my babes, we laughed so hard we cried, we talked about life and where it might lead us in the coming year. Oh, and we threw some acro-yoga in our street clothes and a petting zoo in there too, just for good measure. We really do miss this bright spirit when she leaves. Until our next adventure, Sarah D!

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