26 October 2015

The Zoo + Owl-O-Ween + All the Birthday Parties

You guys, I'm pooped!  We started the weekend off with a trip to the Atlanta Zoo with Mimi and Papa, where Marin actually got to feed a giraffe. Amazing!  She hesitated at first and started to run away, but THEN in some burst of little girl heroism, jumped in my mom's arms and reached right up to that big, friendly guy. The picture makes me smile so big.
On Saturday, we went to two birthday parties that were SO much fun.  I'm sure Marin thought she had won the lottery because there were playgrounds, bounce houses, and sweets for hours upon hours.  By early evening, we were headed home, played-out and cupcake-covered, to regroup and change clothes before leaving for the Owl-O-Ween hot air balloon festival.  We were actually up in the air about going (unintended pun) but I'm so glad we went because it was such an amazing sight.  We walked around for an hour, trick-or-treated at a couple of the hot air balloons, then made our way home. That night after baths, I asked Marin what her favorite part of the day was.  Somehow we got distracted in conversation and jammies and I didn't end up hearing what it was.  But, as I was tucking her into bed, she reached her arm around my neck and with a big grin she whispered, "Mommy, my favorite part was hot air boons."  That little spark in her eye made all the trekking around seem like a magic carpet ride, so my mommy heart was bursting. So good.
Sunday was a bit more chill.  We churched, we grocery shopped, and we headed to the last birthday party of the weekend for our sweet little neighbor, Isla.   I love these happy, tiresome days with this sweet crew! Cheers to a great weekend and a slow, rainy Monday!

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