09 October 2015

Decorating Baby Pumpkins with my Girly Girl

Happy Friday! We've really been feeling the October vibes over here this year. I think having kids has jolted me into finding extra value in all the festive things there are to do out there.  In the end, it just makes for tons of fun memories together, and in this case, memories over a little pumpkin decorating.  I think I've mentioned before that Marin "WUVS PINK!" She proclaims it at random through out the day, every day.  So this year I bought a bunch of $1.00 white baby pumpkins from Trader Joe's and some pink stickers, glitter, and other pumpkin bedazzling materials from Michael's for a little October activity with my girl.  It never ceases to amaze me how the smallest ideas can be such big fun. Whenever you can add pink glitter to a baby anything, you will come out winning every time. We had a blast!