12 October 2015

Apple Picking

Saturday morning we woke up to dew, white overcast skies, and crisp Fall weather. The forecast was reading a small chance of rain. Even so, we decided that after breakfast we would chance it and drive the girls to North Georgia for some apple picking. After getting everyone bundled, we were on our merry way, Andy handing me the keys to drive because he knows I love to drive just as much as my sixteen-year-old self did. The girls were a delight the entire drive and at every passing farmhouse, open pasture, picturesque overlook, or cow for that matter, I was showing my old lady stripes by turning to my comrade with "Isn't this just so beautiful?!" Hey, it was a pretty drive.
We pulled up to a bustling apple metropolis...and a really muddy parking lot. So THIS is how it's gonna be. There shall be mud. Onward.
We trekked our little bunch through the orchard, a very slippery, wet orchard. Andy taught Marin how to pick the apples, showing her that their origin does in fact precede the grocery store. The first one she picked on her own sent her flying onto the wet ground. The mud seal had been broken. We all laughed. Once our small apple bag was full, we played tag through the orchard then headed back to the store for fried pies. It was a short trip, but oh so good. Love this little bunch of mine, down to my very core. ;) 

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