30 June 2014


As the evidence from date night shows, I’m on a bit of a jumpsuit binge lately.  So let’s chat about the perks of a jumpsuit because they are bountiful, friends. 

1.) There is no stress over matching a shirt and pants...it’s just too much sometimes, no?
2.) Now for the perk that some mistake for a jumpsuit quandary- urination.  Okay, so it takes a while, and your hubby will start to wonder what happened to you because you are usually pretty quick when visiting the ladies room.  But then comes the upside.  You will hear a small knock on the door and your hubby saying, “You okay, sweety?”  Then you will smile and remember what a catch of a guy you have. This will be followed by feeling all googly-eyed and in looooove.  It’s basically a romance novel wrapped into one outfit. 
3.) And last but not least, you have that rare and coveted photo opportunity to take the name of this particular article of clothing literally.  And what other piece in your closet allows for such a brilliant stroke of coincidence?  

Yep, not a single downside, well, only if you wear a nude belt that could possibly be mistaken for your stomach by a few passersby.  Minor detail when you have this here jumpsuit to fall back on.   

I’m off to attack this Monday in my yoga pants.  Whomp whomp.
Until our next jumping occasion.


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