12 June 2014


I dream in Neutral

In our day-to-day life, I pretty much wear the same thing on repeat.  In my dreams I wear designer clothes, but that’s also the dream where I shower every day.

So, this is basically it, and I love it because it’s comfy and cute.  It’s right there in that sweet spot where twenty something meets thirty something. It’s also the kind of outfit I could meet my neighbors in because it says I look like I could have been at lunch with a friend or gardening or paying bills. It’s just all around neautral, but not boring neutral, more like Switzerland neutral.  It’s a good everyday type of thing.

Some parts of our life stay the same from day-to-day, like this outfit. I find comfort in the constants. 

But some parts of life keep changing, a different quirk every day, which I also find comfort in.

Last week while wearing these exact clothes, I got that mischievous look in my eye and waltzed over to Andy sitting on our bed. He was unaware a predator was approaching. I dropped Marin on his lap, already out of her messy dinner clothes.  I then yanked off her diaper and ran away yelling “The diaper terrorist has struck!” He looked at me like…righhhhht, just before letting me know Marin was wetting my side of the bed. 

I was also wearing this outfit last weekend.  Andy was getting ready to use our new electric mower, so Marin and I sat at the window to wave and smile at Dada mowing the lawn.  For some reason I didn’t expect the lawnmower to have an actual chord.  Up one side, move the chord out of the way, and back down he went.  Marin kept yelling Dada and for some reason I couldn’t quit giggling at the sight of it all because it looked like he was vacuuming our lawn while a mini human cheered him on.  I can’t wait until next Saturday.  I will bring my bag-o-popcorn. 

Happy Thursday, friends. I’m off to launder my outfit, so I can jump out of my other staple, my pajamas.



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