02 June 2014


While we were in Hawaii, Andy and I had a couple moments just the two of us. We walked along the beach, had dinner and talked. We drove with the windows down and scanned the horizon. We drove across stretches of black ground, volcanic rock for miles. We could see the deep blue of the ocean just beyond the black desert. On the other side of us, the peak of two mountains, a rainforest just ahead of us. It is the kind of beauty that frightens you a little. We talked about the God who made all of it, and how it displays Him, gentle and fierce all in one form. It could devour you or delight you.

It got me thinking about the two people in the car, how we love and how we are made. To be formed by the same One who made all of this is humbling and freeing. We are free to be both beautiful and fierce, loving and strong, humble but unashamed. We don't have to fit anywhere. We don't have to apologize or be afraid for being loved. We are made by Him and we are loved by Him, the scary safe Creator.

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