24 June 2014


On Friday night Andy and I wiped the dust off of an almost-expired gift card for the movie theater and went to see The Fault in our Stars.  Initially I did the I’m going to finish the book first thing, but that always leads to disappointment, so I did a switcheroo on that mantra and was so glad I did.
I loved the movie, minus all the oblivion propaganda.  I mean death can be an eye opener (not that I’m saying anyone dies in it or anything), but death with out hope and glory and kingdom-come leave me feeling a bit dried up and more just glad that this was a fictional thing and not the memoirs of two real kids somewhere in this world.  Whoa, heavy stuff here.   So yeah, minus the oblivion, I squealed and cried with the best of em.  Andy thought Augustus was the man, and he pretty much was. 

Sunday was the other end of the emotional rollercoaster.  We watched the USA vs. Portugal soccer game with my family.  So many highs and lows and so much fun. The first goal was a sigh of relief that we were tied.  By the second goal, oh yeah, we thought it was in the bag.  Then came Ronaldo with the perfect pass, and we probably weren’t the first hearts that guy has broken.  Ronaldo, you struck again, and no offense to my team because I will be cheering for them again on Thursday, but for this one we say to you also...you are the man

Do people still say that?  Well, we do. Happy Tuesday, friends!  

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