05 June 2014


We are back from our trip to Hawaii, even though my body hasn't gotten the memo quite yet.  I am missing this gorgeous scene and other time zone anomalies like pina coladas at 11am. Yesssss. 

We stayed in a condo with my family which meant mornings were filled with the smell of coffee brewing and eight "good mornings." Then we'd sit out on the balcony for a while, discuss the plans for the day and enjoy the view. The days were full and our hearts were full.  

We visited the beach at some point everyday.  Going into the trip, Andy and I wondered what Marin would think of the ocean and the sand.  She felt the same about it as her birthday cake; they were meant for each other.  It was sheer bliss to watch her barrel into those waves.  Fear is for the birds... or moms.

 Marin went for a morning walk with Mimi and Papa. Watching family love her is one of my biggest joys in life right now.  When they laugh at her calling everything a "dote" or enjoy a walk with her like this one, it makes my heart swell with pride.  These moments are precious to me. 

We enjoyed some pool time. Marin smiled for a couple pics in the floaty then begged to be free from all floatation devices, save for mom and dad.  

We hiked Pololu Valley. Andy hiked it with 25 lbs of looooove strapped to him. 

 I present to you our family dinner at Tommy Bahama's. We like the color blue so it seems.

 We visited the farmers market, and bought honey and strawberry butter.

Andy found a beautiful spot for us to have a date night. Our left eyes get squinty when we are tired. Soulmates.

We went rock hunting.
We are in a rock hunting season. Marin picks them out with acute precision then brings them to us. We get wide-eyed over her excellent catch.  We cheer over each of her rocks and take them back with us, trophies.  Papa says things like, "This will be my souvenir from the trip."  Hawaii for this rock hunter was top notch.

    And for the grand finale…my whole family in white shirts. Yessssss and hooray for family pics.   Let's go back.


  1. Every. Single. Picture... I LOVE!! You and your sweet babe are too gorgeous! Love your sweet little fan - looks like an amazing trip!

    1. Thank you Allison! I hope you are enjoying your beach trip too! LOVE seeing pics of you and peanut walking on the beach!

  2. These are so fantastic!! Love every last one!

    1. Thank you, Heather!! Can't believe your sweet little one will be arriving SO soon!