27 January 2015

Taking Stock (and bathroom selfies)

Making: Plans for a nursery, color scheming and budget assessing.
Cooking:  A ton of crock pot meals.  By noon I’m like “Bam, dinner is made!”
Drinking: Pomegranate tea
Reading: Just finished Desperate.  Breath of fresh, guilt-free, lord-seeking, joy-giving air for moms.
Wanting: To meet a certain little lady
Looking: For a dynamite rocking chair.
Playing:  In forts all the livelong day
Wasting: Andy’s been raising his right eyebrow at me for all my meal leftover ill intentions.  Must work on this.
Wishing:  He was home from work early today
Enjoying: Vance Joy’s entire album
Waiting:  On Spring
Liking: Tea tree oil on my skin, in my washer, etc.
Wondering:  How I can be a better mom and wife.  All. The. Time.
Loving: The way Marin plays pretend now with an occasional “nom, nom, nom” and “Ot, ooh ot.” (hot)
Hoping: She loves being a big sister.
Needing: A new brassier. The girls are on the loose, friends.
Smelling: Barbecue ribs. Crock pot strikes again.
Wearing: The new maternity clothes my mom so graciously sent to my house via Old Navy.
Following: So many amazing ladies on instagram. Inspiring, hustling moms.
Noticing: Another tiny layer of blonde hair coming in across Marin’s hairline.  
Knowing:  A toddler bed is in Marin’s near future.  One big sigh for the 98th percentile. Those legs!   
Thinking: About how much I miss my college friends.  I’m thinking a bi-annual reunion would suit us better.
Bookmarking: Anthropologie magazines.  It will be the most action they get from me.  
Opening: My heart to the beauty of the unfinished things in my life…it’s a long list.
Giggling: At all Marin’s new words. Gink (pink), bue (blue), D (the letter D said with more enthusiasm than any D has ever seen)
Feeling: Kicks, rolls, punches, jabs, jigs…oh, and indigestion.

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!


  1. Love this post! And you are lookin beautiful friend!!!

  2. Thank you so much sweet friend!!!