15 January 2015

25.5 weeks

And for your daily dose of awkward, this post is brought to you from the gyno waiting room. Maybe I'll throw out the word uterus in a minute and call it a real date.

I'm not sure how we got to twenty five weeks so quickly. I guess there is nothing like a fun little toddler to keep your mind off the waiting and worries of pregnancy. And in that way, this pregnancy has been so different than the last. There are all the same worries for a worrier to worry, but my heart and mind are on other things (mostly). I'm just enjoying the time that is all my own with this growing baby, all the secret kicks and hiccups. I'm also soaking up my days with Marin, my little comrade who follows me to the loo everytime I so much as think of peeing by myself. What is it about that first one that makes you want to declare, "Oh but this one here was my very first." She made me a mom. So very bittersweet when waiting around for a sibling.

Besides my mind being a bit more occupied with non-pregnancy things, in every other way this pregnancy feels so similar to the last. I'm craving the usual: sour patch gummies, bagels with cream cheese, salad, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a big glass of milk, oh and butterfinger blizzards. Yes! Symptoms have been the same too: skin gone wild, restless legs at night, bouts of sleepiness, slower hair growth (strange but true). 

Nesting has gone into full force and I have plans, big plans. Which always somehow translates to money signs in husband dialect. Hmm, not quite sure why.  

Let's see what else? We've been trying to prepare Marin as best we can for a baby in the house. She already loves babies and squeals whenever we see one, so we're hoping the affection stays around for baby sister's entrance into the world. We've been practicing diaper changing, bottles, and burping with her baby dolls which she also seems to enjoy. She is a nurturer that one, and I just want to help prepare a way for her to feel just as valued and loved when our affections are being shared with sister. We are trying to navigate that one and would love any peals of advice ya’ll have for how to prepare.

Welp, that about does it I think. Until the next bump update, friends. 

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