01 January 2015


Happy New Year, friends!

Well, it's safe to say we stepped up our New Year's Eve game this year. Although, that isn’t saying much because I don't think we were even awake for the strike of midnight last year. Marin was in the middle of her infamous sleep regression, so Andy and I crashed early with a "see you next year" (hardy har har) and a smooch.
This year we were determined to at least see the stroke of midnight. Andy picked up a pack of sparklers while at the grocery store so we asked the neighbors if they wanted to bring the kiddos over for sparklers with toddlers. And on that note, how do we always hit the neighbor jackpot? They are so fun! The kids chased each other around the yard with a string of Christmas lights while we tried to capture slow motion sparkler pics. We laughed a ton over the impromptu celebrations and eventually headed in with an exhausted and happy little girl. We skipped bath time and squeezed her into her only clean pair of jammies, two sizes too small. Andy and I watched the ball drop, smooched, and called it a night.

What an amazing year! Cheers to all that God's creative plans bring our way in 2015, friends!

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