28 January 2015


10:00 PM Tuck Marin into her crib.
10:30 PM  From our spot on the couch, Marin's chattering all of a sudden sounds louder. A tiny, slightly terrified, but mostly proud, toddler comes running down the hall to two stunned parents. We laughed so hard, we frightened the poor girl. She had done it. She had climbed out of her crib and this was her Rocky victory dance.
11:30 PM Still awake and trying to climb out of crib. Except now she moves like spider man and scales the crib in two seconds. flat. Punish? Don't punish? Coax? Sing? Lay by the bed? Re-arrange the entire room and set up toddler bed? Don't think so. I wasn't quite ready for this. Tomorrow. Tonight, we sleep...or so we hope.
11:30-12:00 AM Andy and I take turns coaxing Marin to lay down.
12:00 AM Spider man must do what spider man was made to do.
12:01 AM Decide to bring spider man Marin into our bed.
12:01 AM Convince Andy the couch is a better spot for him to sleep (you know because work tomorrow and all)
12:05 AM Rub Marin’s back 
12:15 AM Hear heavy breathing. Victory is mine! Now, how to get up and pee? Hmmm.
12:20 AM Stuff my runny nose with tissue so I don't sniffle all night
1:00 AM Toss and turn oh. so. slowly.
5:00 AM Wake up to Marin wiping her runny nose on my cheek
5:01 AM "Mommy! Wow!"
5:02 AM Try not to think about peeing again. Pretend I am asleep.
5:15-6:40 AM "Marin, lay down. Mommy will scratch your back." Sing a song. Sing another song. Feel baby sister moving inside. Avoid big sister kicks and turns on the outside. "I love you Miss Marin. Lay down. It's not time to get up yet."
6:45 AM Chubby, soft Marin arm wraps around my neck. Sigh.
7:00 AM Heavy breathing.
8:00 AM Alarm. Smile and wake the sweet girl next to me.  

and for today's trick...toddler bed.


  1. I just did my fair share of blog stalking because I have been away for far too long and missed too many posts! I will spare you the 12 separate emails for the 12 separate comments (though if we're being honest, receiving those always makes me feel kinda cool) and just leave you a dump of a message on this one... Christmas! New Years! Your anniversary! THAT BELLY! This sweet girl!! All the exclamation points and smily faces! This particular obstacle we haven't faced (yet!) and I am hoping I can put it off until we move and just make two transitions at once, but I'm starting to doubt that he will willingly go another 4-5 months in the crib. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. Allison! Awww you are the best! I totally would have waited for this except Marin kinda made the decision for us. Honestly, now that we're four days in I'm so glad we did this before baby sister gets here. Little Uriah will do just fine! Also, every pic I see of him lately, I'm like "Ah, he is looking so old!" Andy and I gush about him all the time...such a cutie.

  2. oh manny! I'm just waiting for this day, I know it's close, but I'm so scared!

    1. Anne! Yes, the thought of it was so much more terrifying than actually going through with it. Thank goodness! Hope you are feeling good! You are looking so beautiful with that belly! Love!!