08 January 2015

Chattanooga + An Anniversary

Andy and my anniversary falls right at the end of January.  Oh thank you, young and in love couple of our past for planning a momentous reason to celebrate during the normally dreary, foggy, post-Christmas blues of January. I need those sorts of things, you know?  Well, this year we decided to celebrate a bit early because Andy had last week off work and there was a grandmother present and able to watch Marin for the day.  We left early. And made our rainy way up the highway, chatting and holding hands (yeehaw!).  We always get a little giddy in moments like this because they help us remember that we are those same in-love cheese balls we’ve always been, just a few hundred diaper changes later.  That moment usually happens just before we spend the majority of the following moments talking about the sweet baby girl back home.  “Oh, let’s bring her back a souvenir.” “I miss the moo.”  Then we pitifully round off the drive in Marin language. “Bi wa wa!”   

When we got to Chattanooga we drove to the art district for breakfast at Rembrandt’s, a coffee shop I worked at my senior year of college.  We roamed around a puddlle-filled Coolidge Park and browsed through the nearby shops.  Andy was an unusually happy shopper that day too.  Happy anniversary to me.  We grabbed lunch on the other side of town at Mojo burrito, a frequent (embarrassingly frequent) stop during my college years.  We finished the day with a movie and dinner at a new restaurant downtown.  

And over the olive appetizer, Andy, the man who hates olives, spontaneously ordered out of an act of love, we talked.  We talked about our New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, for our family, for our marriage.  We finished our meals, and I took one more sniff of Andy’s wine before we called it a night. 

I love you, best friend. And I love these moments with you. Happy five whole years! We'll have two babies to miss at this time next year. ;)