28 March 2016


While Easter weekend can be a bit hectic, it is definitely one of my favorites. We brunched, egg-hunted, spent time with family, and watched the girls open their Easter baskets with easter-grass-awestruck wonder.  Honestly, if pink sparkly grass was the only thing we put in them, we would have knocked it out of the park.  So ALL the other goodies were just icing. ;) And in true parenting fashion, we brought plenty of conversations with Marin back to "We celebrate Easter because...", hoping that the death and resurrection of a Savior would wiggle it's truth into her heart in some small or big way. And in true kid fashion, she helped us recalibrate our own hearts to a really BEAUTIFUL truth put into very simple terms.  We are so very grateful for a God who would send His child, especially as our knowledge of that type of love grows.  He is RISEN and because that tomb was empty, our hearts have a chance to be FULL of hope and real life.  What an amazing thing. HAPPY EASTER, FRIENDS! 

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