14 March 2016

Marin, Marin, how does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockleshells and Papa helping you put your seeds in a row. ;)

Atlanta was beautiful this weekend, sunny and perfectly warm, and we spent as much of it outside as we could.  Saturday morning, my dad came over to help Marin build and plant her first garden.  He did this with me and my brothers when we were kids, so I thought it would be fun for her to share in the sweet memories.  My dad is a pillar of patience and took so much joy in teaching and helping her, oh and also brought a delivery of pink donuts before we got started! She LOVED every tilling, worm-catching, planting, (and eating donuts) part of making this garden. Here's to hoping for something, ANYTHING, to pop up from the soil in a couple months, especially since a certain someone used her body to mix the soil after the seeds were planted. hehe ;) 

Happy Monday, friends! I'm off to make breakfast and smooch little groggy faces! xo

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