30 March 2016

My Closing Argument for Three-Year-Olds

Let's be honest. (Almost)three-year-olds can be scary. And there are days; oh yes, there are days when Andy comes home from work and I ask him how on earth an actual alien from the netherworld invaded our child. Like who, what, where, when and why did I get spanked twice today? You read that right. And who on earth hired the tiny trash police to tell me that throwing her deflated balloon away is "RIDICULOUS." Well, it sounded more like, "Mommy, you few my boon in da twash! Dat is widikuwus!" So at least there's that.

But then there are days when the breeze blows right....on...in... and there she is, pure human sunshine. And I wholeheartedly believe that everything is going to be juuuuust fine. That she will be more of everything good in this world than both of her parents combined.

She will turn her face toward the sun while sitting in her car seat and announce, "Mmm look at that GOOD, WARM sunshine!"

She will ask to see a picture of God on my phone. She will ask to see a picture of cavities after that.

She will pull a tampon from behind her back and ask, "Mommy, what is DIS for?!"

Her single, solitary prayer before bed one night will be, "Dear God, thank you for the sunset."

She will almost eat a dandelion while trying to blow on it. She will finish the feat by telling me she "wished for Mommy to give Daddy a kiss."

When I ask her to please get me a bowl from the kitchen, she responds with, "That's one bowl coming right up!"

She will keep us confounded by being a perfect puzzle of wariness and wild. She will want to ride the roller coaster. She will hide from the vacuum.

She is shy, but in a fit of courage while eating at a restaurant, she will tell the waiter, "Quiero quesadilla!"

From the corner of my eye I will see her whispering in her baby sister's ear, "I wuv you." Slobber, slobber.

And when that sweet three-year-old breeze blows in, I will wonder how on earth I got so lucky to be her mom and what on earth invaded my body to make me think anything other than THESE DAY, filled with all their sin and grace, ARE THE VERY BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. 

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