22 September 2015

Goodbye Summer + A Completed Bucket List (just in the nick of time)

Oh, Summer. I hate goodbyes.
In August, I blogged a Summer Bucket List as a reminder to myself that there were still things left to accomplish, warm weather to enjoy, and so many memories left to make before Fall arrived. And as evidenced by the small photo collage above, I'm sitting in the glory of a list fulfilled.  A cozy place to be indeed.
This is gonna be a tough one to bid adieu. It was just SO good, and I can honestly say we drank it up, all the way to the very last drop. I'm noticing that the older I get, the less I wish away time; the less I try and rush through our seasons together, sweltering though they may be and as pumpkin-licious as the next may seem. But, I think I'm ready now, to close the book on the Summer of beach trips, family, stargazing, gathering, swimming, late night walks with neighbors.  It was oh so good.
Until next time, Summer!
Hello, pumpkin spice lattes, warm cozy sweaters, colorful leaves, crackling fires...
Okay, this ain't gonna be so bad.

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