21 September 2015

A Backyard Dinner Party

Oftentimes, when the weather is nice, and we are done cleaning up from dinner in the evenings, our little family will go for walks. And because of these walks, we've ended up meeting so many really nice people in our neighborhood, many in a similar season of life with babies or young kids.  So, a couple months ago, I mentioned to Andy that I wanted to have a dinner at our house with all these new friends, a chance to hear more about their lives and just let community do what community does best. It also just so happened that one of the moms from up the street loved the idea and offered to help put it all together which is always more fun than working by your lonesome. So we got the plans rolling!
Since our house is a bit small for the number of people we invited, we decided to set up dinner outside, a long table filled with wine, appetizers, and pastas. My neighbor, and nearest and dearest of friends, Whitney, came over on Saturday to help me weave together a long green garland for the center of the table.  Andy ran errands all morning, finishing up every last item on the honey-do list just in time for the Georgia Tech game.  Then our friends, Jana and Brad, who helped with lots of the details, came to help set up.  It was a group effort.
The night was beautiful. Stories were shared; wine was poured; laughter was had by all.  We stayed out until well past 11:00, and I went to bed stuffed with pasta and happy.  I'm not one of those effortless hostesses.  I sweat and flip couch cushions, you know, THAT kind.  So, I am extra grateful for the evening and that folks came to enjoy one of the last nights of Summer with us, at our home.

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