28 September 2015

Our Weekend was a Cozy Sweater and Other Metaphors

The Fall must be giving us wings because we took the girls shopping not once but twice this weekend.  On Saturday we went to Trader Joe’s for a portion of our groceries. It has become one of our favorite weekend stops.  They are so cheerful there + pumpkin everything + cheap fresh flowers + baby shopping carts.  It is the best.  On Sunday, my mom and I took the girls to the mall.  I’ve been wanting to get a few Fall pieces for them before the weather starts to get chilly, so we gave it our best effort.  Although, we didn’t get a ton accomplished because helloooo escalators and dressing room jungle gyms, and mannequins aka “shows,” but that’s okay because helloooo online shopping.  I’m sure the kids will end up clothed.

Besides shopping adventures, we watched football, bought a couple more Starbucks lattes than we needed, went for a run, made chili, had friends over for dinner, lit Fall candles.   If a weekend could be a thing, this one was a big cozy sweater or your favorite jammies or those old soft slippers. I shall leave you there.  It was just so good.  Happy Monday. 

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