13 August 2015

Summer Bucket List

How is it already the middle of August?! Life is moving way too quickly, and for lack of a better cliche, I feel like Summer is slipping through my fingertips.  I know that while they’ve been super sweltering days, we will miss them come winter. For that reason, there needed to be a list made.  This here is a list of all that I am going to make sure happens before pumpkin spice lattes make their debut.  I/we will...
Take the girls to the beach one more time. We have a trip to Santa Rosa planned for September, so it looks like we're already cooking with gas here.

Have a picnic.

Swim in a pool with this.

Get my twin brother a really great birthday present. Maybe something like this.

Sit and look at the stars with Andy one night. Scratch that. Make it two nights.

Complete the kitchen project I have in mind, making it look more like this.

Throw an outdoor dinner party for some of our neighbors. I'm picturing this.

Lighten my hair.  The postpartum bald spots are making a comeback, so I think I’m going to get to the salon while they have something to work with.  I’m pretty set on something like this.

Make popsicles with Marin. These look really fun.

I think that about sums it up.  I’ll keep you posted as we make these fleeting days count.

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